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After Six 6611
Bridesmaid Dress

FABRIC: Lux Chiffon
This item has been discontinued
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Style 6611 by After Six is a one shoulder full length bridesmaid dress in lux chiffon. It features a shirred bodice and a flower detail at the shoulder, as well as a matching belt at the natural waist. After Six's Style 6611 comes in sizes 0-28 with an extra length option. Also available full length as style 6601.

NOTE: This dress will be returning to its original price of $230 on 10/31/2014. Please place your order before 10/31 to lock in this lower price.
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    Denka Markova
    Color: Ruby
    Reviewed On: October 23, 2014
    "So let me start by saying that this review is more for the weddington way rather than the dress itself. We had an emergency situation and one of the bridesmaids dresses did not fit (wedding was in ohio in 10 days). I live in San Francisco and we knew that my dress (I'm the maid of honor) fir the girl with the too small dress. So the bride and I decided that i will send my dress to the other bridesmaid and i will look for one that is close enough. I googled bridesmaids places around where i work and I found Weddington Way. I went there almost at their closing time and without appointment. The girl that helped me was AWESOME! I told her the situation and showed her the original bridesmaid dress and asked her if she can find something close not necessary the same that i can purchase on the spot. She went into their backroom and came back with three or four dresses. Two of them fit ok but the bride and me over the phone decided on this one. The girl that was helping me took pictures so i can send to the bride and was super sweet and understanding. I bought the dress and was done in about 30 minutes. Awesome place! I have another wedding coming up and i will be checking them out again. So to explain the dress i bought was long. I cut it short to match the other dresses. Also this dress is more of a berry color and the other dresses were burgundy. I went and got some wide ribbon that matched the burgundy color exactly and put a strap on the open shoulder and also made a belt out of the ribbon. So all in all the dress was very transformed when i wore it BUT most people did not even realize it was different. It turned out great I think and the Weddinton Way girl that helped me was SOOOOOO sweet and nice!!!!!!! Thanks!"
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    Valeri Johnson
    Color: Valentine
    Reviewed On: October 21, 2014
    "The dress was beautiful, but it was very delicate around the zipper and the waist band hit all of the bridesmaid at the wrong place, making us look larger. (We all have different body types) Also, I am 5'9", so if you are taller like me you might want to see if you can get it made longer because mine just hit my ankles while all the other girl's dresses covered their feet completely. "
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    Brandi Garcia
    Color: Pantone turquoise
    Reviewed On: October 21, 2014
    "The dress was absolutely beautiful, however I suggest ordering the size you normally wear. They suggested I purchase a size 4 due to my measurements and of course it was way too big."
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    Susan Beck
    Color: Tangerine tango
    Reviewed On: October 08, 2014
    "I got this dress in Tangerine Tango for a beach wedding. It was bright! But day of it was perfect. The chiffon was beautiful and the one shoulder flowers were gorgeous. I felt so pretty in it and wish I could get it in a few other colors just to have!"
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    Keri Duggan
    Color: Aubergine
    Reviewed On: October 07, 2014
    "I loved the dress! It was very elegant yet comfortable and fit wonderfully. I'm generally a size 4 in dresses (size 4 or 6 in pants), so I ordered a 4 and was very pleased with how it fit. I wore heels at the wedding (2 inches tall) and the length of the dress was perfect in that it did not touch the ground, but it also was not so short that you could see my shoes unless I was walking. I only had to hold up the hem of the dress if I was walking up stairs, but otherwise I didn't have to. I would not have been able to wear the dress with flats unless it was hemmed about an inch. A couple notes about sizing... I did have to safety pin the strap over the shoulder to be a bit tighter, but I did that more for comfort than anything. I didn't want to have to pay for alterations and the safety pin didn't show. The "belt" on the dress was also a bit loose on me, but not enough that I did anything to it and it looked fine. The bride did remark that the color was more "purple than plum," but she was still happy with them. I will say that any water or sweat will show very clearly on the fabric, but that's how it is with most dresses :). Overall, I loved the dress and thought it looked flattering on everyone even though the bridesmaid sizes ranged from size 4-16."
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    Tori Amy
    Color: Blush
    Reviewed On: September 29, 2014
    "I loved this dress! I measured as a size 12 so that's what I ordered & I had to get it taken in a lot. After all the take-ins it was perfect! It is really a beautiful & very comfortable dress! Would definitely recommend!"
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    Sabrina Watts
    Color: Flame
    Reviewed On: September 11, 2014
    "I loved it! It was elegant."
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    Deonka Crayton
    Color: Flame
    Reviewed On: September 09, 2014
    "The dress was pretty, light weight, and can be worn again besides a wedding. I ordered a size 4, and only had to adjust the length of the dress. I was perfect!!!"
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    Meagan Briggs
    Color: Charcoal gray
    Reviewed On: June 11, 2014
    "This was simple and easy from start to finish. The website is easy to navigate, the ordering was painless. I really appreciated the communication Weddington Way had with me. I loved all of the emails at every different stage of my dress, from production to shipment. And I loved their selection of dresses for bridesmaids. Thanks for making this process a dream!"
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    Heather Schmidt
    Color: Rose
    Reviewed On: May 13, 2014
    "I was scared by some reviews to order a size up, I should have stuck with the size dress I normally wear. It ended up being too big in the bust and waist - I was able to pin the sash tighter however.

    I ordered the dress with additional length and it ended up being perfect with my heels.

    Floral shoulder detail was more of a ruffled thing than "floral".

    Color was accurate and I received many compliments on the style.

    Overall a decent value for a dress I wont end up wearing again."
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    Jamie Newton
    Color: Rose
    Reviewed On: May 06, 2014
    "I loved this dress! It fit perfect! I received so many compliments on it!"
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    Jocelyn Jette
    Color: Concord
    Reviewed On: November 17, 2013
    "I loved the dress! It was fairly true to size although I had to have to bust and taken in and the length shortened."
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    Molly Miller
    Color: Rose
    Reviewed On: November 10, 2013
    "The dress was beautiful... both in style and color. The length was perfect with heels (I am 5' 7") and I needed only minor alterations through the waist. I was worried the ruffle might look cheap in person but I was very happy with it. Would overall recommend it! "
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    Color: Regalia
    Reviewed On: August 22, 2012
    "The dress was wonderful! It was absolutely perfect. I ordered the dress late and it came in plenty of time to get tailored for super cheap and it was so incredible. I was so happy with it and my experience with Weddington Way that I will absolutely use it when I get married. The amount of choices and personalizing that I had was so great. Thank you for an awesome experience. :)"
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    Reviewed On: August 22, 2012
    "I’ve been a bridesmaid more than a few times (my friends call me Katherine Heigl), and most floor length gowns that I’ve worn were made with heavy fabrics like dupioni and renaissance satin. Though they looked nice on all the girls, they’re a bit constricting when the reception rolls around and everyone heads to the dance floor. My best friend from college had her wedding last January, however, and chose this dress for all her bridesmaids. Even though chiffon is not typically a fabric worn for winter weddings, she chose the color Platinum, which was just perfect for the winter wonderland decorations all throughout the venue, and it was so light and comfortable! Great choice."
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    Color: Rose
    Reviewed On: August 22, 2012
    "I loved my dress! everyone was very complimentary of the fit and style and I did not even have to get it altered! the wedding would not have been the same without this detail!"