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    Lauren Giffen
    Color: Ocean blue
    Reviewed On: September 04, 2014
    "I personally did not like this dress on myself, because I ordered this dress way too big. I spent more money in alterations than I did paying for the dress itself. Also, I only ordered this size because Weddington Way contacted me and suggested I order the larger size. Due to all of this, I hated how I personally looked in this dress. However, everyone else who was in the wedding and had the proper size all looked very nice in this dress. I think it's a nice dress selection as long as you are given the proper size. The color looked beautiful lined up in pictures and went very well with the weddings theme. Although I had a bad experience with this dress, I am still rating it as a 3 because I still think it's an okay dress."
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    Jessica Martin
    Color: Venetian gold
    Reviewed On: July 08, 2014
    "The cut is awkward and unflattering. The material and details make the dress look inexpensive: the belt doesn't tie but instead clips to itself looking unfinished. The wrap on the bodice doesn't actually cross over itself but instead has a very noticeable seam. The waist is neither natural nor empire but somewhere in the middle- I attractive and uncomfortable."
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    Alison Faerber
    Color: Midnight
    Reviewed On: July 05, 2014
    "The dress was true to size measurements, so be sure measure yourself according to the WeddingtonWay instructions. Nice coverage for cleavage even though it's strapless. Description should include details about the shaping of the top: There is "boning" to shape the bust area. This was good and bad since it held dress upright, but it was far larger than by real chest; not enough to require alterations but close."
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    Amy Horner
    Color: Clover
    Reviewed On: June 28, 2014
    "It's always hard picking a dress that will fit everyone in the bridal party. The dress looked very nice on my cousin who is considerably more slender than me. I got a size 12. The bodice was boxy and very unflattering to my less than perfect figure. I removed a layer of the stiff lining and it helped be laid better,

    Personally i won't recommend this unless all the bridesmaids are under a size 4."
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    Carlin Ewing
    Color: Clover
    Reviewed On: June 27, 2014
    "This dress is true to how it is featured. I am a petite, 5'2 to be exact with a slender frame, so looking for clothing and especially ordering online is a tricky venture to begin with. The upside to this dress is that petite figures, who do not have a full bust, will not have issues with top portion of this dress. My biggest struggle with strapless is that when my arms go up, my dress falls down. With this dress and the bust line, I feel very confident with dancing and moving around. The belt fits extremely snug, but it does give a great transition from the detailed top, into the natural waist bottom. The length on a 5'2 frame hits below the knees and while wearing the dress, it does not look like I am being swallowed alive with material. I will warn you, the zipper does get stuck from point to point, but I think a neighborhood tailor will be able to give me a help with that department. "