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Alfred Sung D441
Bridesmaid Dress

FABRIC: Peau De Soie
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Style D441 is a halter, cocktail length, bridesmaid dress by Alfred Sung. Made in a gorgeous peau de soie, it features a pleated keyhole neckline, a wide matching waistband, and a pleated skirt with pockets at the side seams. Alfred Sung's Style D441 comes in sizes 00-28 with an extra length option.
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    Kelly Dowd
    Color: Midnight
    Reviewed On: September 25, 2014
    "The bridesmaids wore whatever Alfred Sung style they wanted in midnight. Since we got married in the fall, I gave them burnt orange shawls as a gift and they had fall-themed bouquets with orange dahlias, orange alstromeria, green hydrangea, hypericum berries, solidego, and fall leaves. My sister/maid of honor had a bouquet of sunflowers, which are her favorite. I also told the girls to wear whatever animal-print shoes they wanted. I think all of the pops of fall colors looked great with the midnight dresses."
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    Katy Howell
    Color: Jade
    Reviewed On: September 24, 2014
    "I am typically a size 2 to 4, and ordered a size 4, which fit very well in the waist and hips, but I still had to have a fair amount taken up in the bust. I would NOT order 2 sizes up, but I would order your larger size, if you tend to be between sizes. I also had the skirt hemmed about 2 inches, because I am fairly petite. I chose this style because I have a fairly straight figure and small bust and think the halter style is very flattering. "
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    Sarah Mc Cauley
    Color: Italian plum
    Reviewed On: September 16, 2014
    "Fit was too big even though I ordered 2 sizes smaller than recommended. There were box pleats everywhere on this dress. The fabric was nice though. Would recommend a different cut in the fabric. Loved the pockets!"
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    Keri Torres
    Color: Atlantis
    Reviewed On: September 08, 2014
    "love it. had pockets. very comfortable!"
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    Jamie Castro
    Color: Treasure
    Reviewed On: August 19, 2014
    "The fabric does not move or wear well. It's akin to an imitation raw silk. It does not breath well either since it is 100% polyester, so beware if you're going to be at a hot/warm wedding.

    The fit was WAY off. I paid more in alterations than I paid for the dress. Be prepared for this. Specifically, the waists run small, so you have to go up a size to make the waist fit. Because of that, it means that you have to get everything else taken in and taken up. I had to buy a size 2 for the waist to fit and I usually wear a 0 in almost all mainstream brands. For reference, I wear a 0 at Anthropologie and a 00 or 0P at BCBG.

    Some good notes: The color was really pretty! It's great that WW sends you swatches. That was very helpful."
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    Karla Privett
    Color: Midnight
    Reviewed On: June 09, 2014
    "When I was buying this dress, I took time to measure out my bust, hips, waist. I watched Weddington Way's video several times on how to measure to find out your size. The size came out to be 4 as determined by Weddington Way's measurement guide. When the dress arrived, I tried it on, and the bust and hips did not fit at all. The bust was several inches too big and the hips were several inches too small. I called a stylist and she told me that no dress should fit you like a glove if you order it online. I understand that it should not fit, but nothing really fit me. I took time to work out, steam the dress, and think before I spent more money on this dress. I lost several pounds and an inch and a half off of my hips before trying on the dress again (after several weeks of eating healthy and working out). The dress, again, did not fit me. I decided to call the stylist again and she told me that she could help me find a stylist. I asked for a refund, but she said that I could not have one, even though the dress did not come in the measurements they told me it would. Overall, I was dissatisfied. I decided spending more money on this dress was not worth it and went to Dillards and found a dress that fit me better for the wedding. The refund/exchange policy is bizarre especially for an ONLINE store. Check the policy before you purchase the dress."
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    Barbara Pando
    Color: Firecracker
    Reviewed On: June 02, 2014
    "I really felt comfortable and pretty in this dress. I am a curvy girl, as you can see in my picture, so I was concerned with the dress being a little to tight around my waist. I did in fact have to keep pulling it down on my hips and was very fidgety about how tight it was. Probably would have done better getting a slightly bigger size but its hard to tell when buying online. The color wasn't what I expected and it wasn't until wedding day that I actually developed an appreciation for it. But wouldn't have been my first choice. It definitely came too long, down to my shins and was way to puffy when it arrived. I spent roughly $60 in alterations to make the dress less "tulip" like on me. I had to get way too much work done on this dress to make it flattering. As a curvy girl the stick models don't actually help reflect how the dress looks on a natural woman. I hope my picture helps reflect that better. Oh and there are pockets! "
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    Lindsey Coblentz
    Color: Atlantis
    Reviewed On: February 03, 2014
    "This was a nice, summery cocktail dress for my friend's wedding. We went with the Atlantis color, which turned out to be a nice light gray/blue color. The material gave the dress a sort of metallic look and feel, which was a little weird. I kind of felt like I was wearing a space dress, a la The Jetsons. Still a pretty dress, though."
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    Lauren Sanders
    Color: Italian plum
    Reviewed On: November 26, 2013
    "Positive: The dresses were really beautiful, material is awesome. Each bridesmaid got the dress that sutied her best (same material, same designer, same length, different style) - that was awesome! Negative: Even with all the specific measurements, 5 out 6 bridesmaids had to get their dresses altered....that was an extra 80 to 90 dollars per person for alterations. Keep that in mind if dollars matter to you!"
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    Leah Bailey
    Color: Brownie
    Reviewed On: September 30, 2013
    "Maybe this is more an issue with the whole buying-online-without-being-able-to-try-the-actual-dress-on, but this dress fit terribly and had to have 2 huge rounds of alterations. The skirt is EXTREMELY full and the stiff duponi fabric made it weirdly full. The waist was a good fit for my size 0, but the top was HUGE and because the duponi fabric is a bit stiff, the folds of it looked weird. Also, the lining was horribly made ... the lining had a straight skirt that was super tight to the body despite the huge full skirt, and the texture was rough. I love the halter style of it, but the actuality of the dress was terrible."