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    Tiffany Erspamer
    Color: Cappuccino
    Reviewed On: September 29, 2014
    " It fit true to size but at least 3 bridesmaids had problems with the zipper and needed to get it replaced. I was disappointed with the quality because of that. I would also not recommend the color we chose, as it washed everyone out and was different from the swatch the bride received. I think the dress is figure flattering, but overall I wasn't pleased (especially given the price we paid)."
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    Amanda Richardson
    Color: Rose
    Reviewed On: September 28, 2014
    -out of the 8 times i've been a bridesmaid this was the most comfy fabric and dress
    -looked good on all body types
    -came with a cute/nice dress bag included to carry it around it
    -everyone said they looked pretty; and i have to agree

    -you have to all order your dresses at the same time in order for them to start making them; which is awkward if one of the girls(me) just had a baby so has no idea what size she will be in like 6 months when it's actually time for the wedding
    -there were no straps; it's strapless underneath that sheer top part; and if you have large boobs then the way the top is sooo flimsy there is nothing to hold the top up; you can't go bra less with it because the fabric is too flimsy; i had to have straps sewn into it so i could wear a bra
    -even the tall girls said it was tooo long; i had 8 inches taken off the bottom of it and i'm 5'5"
    -as i ordered this dress about 2 weeks after having my baby i ordered it 3 sizes too big to accommodate room for up top because i'm still breast feeding; however it was much much much larger than i thought it would be; i had to have it taken in 12 inches; however it's better for it to be big than too small- the other girls who said they ordered what they thought was their size also reported it being really lose; again though it's better to have to take it in than not having enough room-so this is not a pro or a con-
    -the price point is super expensive- actually after being in 8 weddings all bridesmaid dresses are always toooo expensive; that's why when i got married i went an alternate route and the dresses my girls bought were from a dept store and looked awesome and were like $26 dollars for nice looking chiffon dress that they all have worn again
    -i'll never wear this again; unless I maybe cut the bottom off and make it knee length and happen to have something fancy to wear it to"
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    Lauren Shields
    Color: Cameo
    Reviewed On: August 27, 2014
    "I normally wear a size 6 in dresses but since I have a larger bust I went with an 8 to be safe. The fit was perfect, I didn't have to have it altered at all - was even the perfect length with my heels!"
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    Rebecca Allen
    Color: Palomino
    Reviewed On: August 11, 2014
    "The dress fit true to size. It was a little tight around the rib cage. I'm 5' 7" and kind of wish I had gotten extra length because it was a little short once I put heels on."
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    Marci Hirkaler
    Color: Carnation
    Reviewed On: August 09, 2014
    "The dress was perfect. I ordered it long and had it altered at home. I traveled to Costa Rica for the wedding. The dress was beautiful and i now may have it shortened to wear again."
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    Angie Polstein
    Color: Spa
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "So first of all here's my stats. I'm 5'4.5" about 110 lbs and a 32A bra size. I ordered a size 2. I had to have the dress hemmed, cups added, an internal belt added, the hook at the top of the zipper reinforced, and the halter tacked down so it would lay right. Alterations cost me $95. The hemming was pretty expensive because there are actually three layers that have to be taken up and they charge per layer. The boning on the bust did not fit me at all and the alterations lady said it should not be removed. So, we added cups. I felt that the fit was pretty bad still on the bust but I think any of the dresses I had to choose from would have been the same. The dress did not need to be taken in on the sides at all but I still felt like it was falling down so we added the internal belt. It was kind of like an extra waist bra strap type thing that held the dress up. I'm so glad I did that. I was really hoping the dress would be more of a true halter but it was actually a strapless dress with an extra sheer piece that gave a halter look. I did get a lot of compliments on the dress. We all chose different styles and several people told me that they liked mine the best. Overall, I'm glad I chose this style from the ones I had to choose from. I just think strapless dresses with the boning are not a great fit for my body type. I hope that helps."
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    Gabrielle Alfiero
    Color: Bordeaux
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "Here's a photo of me in the dress (I'm on the left).

    I think it fit pretty true to size, though it was extremely long (I'm 5'2"
    so I usually have everything shortened so it wasn't a big deal, but I know
    there's an option to get a long dress so unless she's really tall she
    wouldn't need it). The only thing that I would say was I was surprised at
    how sheer the top of the halter was, but not in a bad way.

    Also, it's very thick--there are two layers of poly underneath the sheer,
    so if the wedding is at all in a warm climate, you could probably have one
    of the layers removed. I was pretty warm in mine even though the wedding
    was in September in Vermont.

    Also, the bow at the waist isn't super flattering. Another bridesmaid in
    the wedding wore the same dress in another color and had her tailor cut the
    bow out, and then she tied the fabric in the back, which I thought was much
    more flattering."
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    Sydney Williams
    Color: Midnight
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    " I love this dress and how it looks on me."
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    Amanda Grau
    Color: Cameo
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "I actually like the dress a lot. I'm 5 foot 5 and 130 lbs. I was also nursing during this wedding."
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    Paige Reyhan
    Color: Cameo
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "I normally wear a size 4 in everyday clothing, sometimes a 6. My measurements however, matched pretty closely to the 10, so I sized up to the 12 just to be safe.

    The dress ended up being extremely large on me and I ended up having to have an inch and a half taken off of either side. Also, there is plenty of room in the bust, with the boning"
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    Rebecca Gant
    Color: Sunflower
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "I loved the dress and I loved your service! Everything was so organized and clear to understand. The dress was so comfortable and so fun to wear! "
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    Christina Adamson
    Color: Cameo
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "Loved the color and style of the dress. I am 5'9 145# and typically wear a size 4 in dresses. I am smaller chested (34B). I ordered the size 6, thinking this would be a safe bet with my height and because in the past when ordering bridesmaid dresses I have found them to run small. The length was great (with flats). This dress, however swallowed me up top. I had to have a lot taken in in the top because I could not fill it in. If you are bustier, this would work. I did not mind having to alter it. It is better to have too much fabric, then not enough, in my opinion. All in all, Weddington Way was great to work with! Will definitely be using them in the future"
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    Chantalle Bussiere
    Color: Midnight
    Reviewed On: February 17, 2014
    "This dress was awesome. Fit perfectly! And incredibly comfortable! Absolutely loved the style! The only alterations needed were shortening. Got it with plenty of time before the wedding. The colour was amazing and perfect for a winter wedding! "
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    Angel Bryant
    Color: White
    Reviewed On: February 14, 2014
    "The dress was gorgeous, I normally wear a size 6. I ordered an 8 and it was perfect. "
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    Katie Triest
    Color: Firecracker
    Reviewed On: December 30, 2013
    "The dress was gorgeous. Flowed nicely and looked great! I was disappointed that after giving such exact measurements (I have been the same size for 15 yrs so no flucuations) I had to put in an extra $100.00 to get so much of the dress fixed at a tailor. There wasn't enough time before the wedding to send it back…

    So ultimately, dress came out nicely - just not the right size so make sure you have the time (and money) to head to a tailor. "