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    Kelly Schiff
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: September 11, 2014
    "We all sincerely agreed that the dresses looked great on all of us and we could easily re-wear them "in real life." We also got a lot of nice compliments on them from other wedding guests. As
    far as my dress, the fit was fine and I did not have to get any alterations done (not sure if the other girls did or not). I would definitely recommend this dress!"
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    Colleen Saunier
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: August 15, 2014
    "I wore this as a bridesmaid dress. I am normally a size 6, but I ordered an 8 to be on the safe side. When I received it was still too small! I tried to exchange, but Weddington Way was no help. They said they would need an estimated 11-15 weeks to get me a different size (absurd timeline). The wedding was two months away so I had to take the dress to a dress maker and have her let it out/remake the dress.

    I had the seamstress take measurements of the dress before the alterations began and when compared to the measurements listed on the website they were not even close to being similar. The measurements were off by a size and 1/2 in the waste.

    The top of the dress is another story. It was so big it looked ridiculous! After the seamstress tried taking the top part of the dress in twice (she couldn’t do anything else) it was still too big. It looked silly.

    This dress was nothing but a headache and so was working with Weddington Way. The dress was poorly made. Not worth the price tag not to mention the additional cost of alterations. Do no purchase this dress!"
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    Jennifer Milam
    Color: Wine
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    " liked the dress, but the top was big on me. I I probably should have ordered a size 2. Other than that, I love the dress and it was very comfortable."
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    Ling Wang
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: July 30, 2014
    "very nice!"
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    Beth Brady
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: June 27, 2014
    "I thought the dress was true to size and surprisingly fit well despite not knowing my size since I had just had a baby. I loved the look of the dress and the quality is high. I was hoping to wear it again, but it seems a bit too formal to wear unless it's a special occasion."
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    Karishma Baijal
    Color: Charcoal
    Reviewed On: October 01, 2013
    "I had been wanting to wear this lace dress all fall. And found the perfect occasion for it when I attended a wedding at a fancy Museum in San Francisco. I loved the front and back neckline of this dress. The front is fairly formal, elegant - and the back is sexy - a perfect combo. "