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Wtoo 295
Bridesmaid Dress

FABRIC: Crinkle Chiffon
4 reviews

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Style 295 by Wtoo is a full length bridesmaid dress with a sweetheart neckline, in a gorgeous crinkle chiffon. It features a shirred front bodice with a pleated skirt and a java satin ribbon sash. Wtoo's Style 295 comes in sizes 0-24 with an option for extra length.
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    Samantha Gauger
    Color: Buff
    Reviewed On: September 03, 2014
    "I really enjoyed wearing this dress. It was very 'flowy', fit very well, was a really nice color, and all of the bridesmaids and I received compliments as to how beautiful our dresses were.

    Loved it!"
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    Stephanie Lemon
    Color: Mandarin
    Reviewed On: July 01, 2014
    "The bride chose this dress because she was looking for a very specific color of coral. The fit was nice for me, but not as much for other bridesmaids. I have a small waist and larger bottom half. A size 4 fit even though my hip measurement recommended I order a size 10. I wish I would have done a 6 just because the liner was a little tight around my hips and thighs.
    We all had issues with this dress being a little see through. One seamstress commented while altering another bridesmaid's dress that it really should have another layer of liner. Even my beige underlayer that I wear with white pants showed through. Although my dress seemed to stay up very well and was tight enough around the waist, some of the other bridesmaids could not wait to get to the reception to use the straps. This dress also seems to sit very low on the chest and back. "
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    Anna Schmidt
    Color: Peach
    Reviewed On: April 21, 2014
    "Fit: Quite well, a touch tight at the smallest point (natural waist). I chose a size 4 and that is my regular size. If you are small busted, you will have to get this dress altered with 'cookies' or something similar. We also did not wear the ribbon as it made the dress look cheaper - it was more couture to see the boning and fabric pleating at the waist.

    It moved beautifully and was not nearly as 'pink' as it looks in the photos on the website. It also hid dirt really well - we had to go tromping through the mud for photos and somehow even though we got quite dirty at the hems, it wasn't very obvious!

    If you leave the dress long at the hem - make sure to pick up the skirt as you walk up or down stairs - two of us tripped on the gauzy over-fabric...but the look of the long, flowing skirt was worth it."
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    Reviewed On: August 22, 2012
    "This is absolutely perfect for a black tie wedding in the spring (as I personally found out by wearing it in my aunt’s wedding last year). It’s formal enough for the occasion yet maintains the playful and airy vibe that makes spring weddings so enchanting, especially in Peony, the color we wore it in. The satin sash added structure to the dress, which is nice to have sometimes for light fabrics like chiffon. Overall a great choice that I’ve already recommended to others!"