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Wtoo 620
Bridesmaid Dress

FABRIC: Crinkle Chiffon
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Style 620 by Wtoo is a full length bridesmaid dress with a v-neck neckline, in a gorgeous crinkle chiffon. It features draping at the sides. Wtoo's Style 620 comes in sizes 0-24 with an option for extra length.
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    Ewen Chao
    Color: Black
    Reviewed On: July 29, 2014
    "Well made, nice drape. Of course, it comes long, so to avoid tripping you will either need tall shoes or definitely get it hemmed. I'm average height, so I was expecting this, but my friend who is tall (I believe she is 5'9") also needed her dress hemmed quite a bit. I think it might have just skimmed the floor or pooled on the floor just a bit for her if she had been wearing heels, but we had flats and wanted more of an ankle length. I was able to wear this with a regular bra that I loosened just slightly, but in the back it is a bit low, so you may need to pin your bra down or get some sort of strap extender. As a small busted person, I had to adjust the shoulder straps a bit to close the gap between the dress and my chest, and to keep the straps from falling off my shoulders. Conversely, my friend who is more well endowed looked in danger of a wardrobe malfunction most of the ceremony. (Thankfully it did not happen!) So I think if you have model measurements it will be good, but otherwise plan on alterations since there isn't a lot of fudge space based on the cut of the dress except maybe in the hips."
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    Maxine Williamson
    Color: Cognac
    Reviewed On: October 16, 2013
    "Nice Dress."