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Wtoo 953
Bridesmaid Dress

FABRIC: Shantung
6 reviews

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Style 953 by Wtoo is a cocktail length bridesmaid dress with a sweetheart neckline, in a gorgeous Shantung. It features an asymmetrical draped bodice and a peg skirt. Wtoo's Style 953 comes in sizes 0-24 with an option for extra length.
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    Barakah Amaral
    Color: Sahara
    Reviewed On: April 28, 2014
    "Great dress! I am 5'2 and needed to get it hemmed. The dress is made for taller women, probably 5'5-5'7. It is slim fitting and the best part....I would rewear this bridesmaid dress!! "
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    Brittany Malkin
    Color: Moonstone
    Reviewed On: March 26, 2014
    "When I ordered my dress, I ordered my normal size, 12. When the dress was processed, the company suggested I go down a dress size, and I am so glad I didn't. I personally am a curvy gal, so I knew the dress would be bigger on my waist and breast area. When I received the dress, I went to pull it over my hips and only ONE side went comfortably over, whereas the other did not. I ended up ripping the seem on side of the hip that was too small. When I took it to my tailor, he showed me that they didn't put enough fabric on side where it didn't fit my hip....hence to it ripping. He was able to add fabric allowing my hips to be fully covered. I also had my waist and breast area taken in. The final product looked fabulous! It complemented my body just as I expected. "
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    Sara Mc Crary
    Color: Sahara
    Reviewed On: November 20, 2013
    "The color and cut was beautiful. There were a few issues with the fit, but that was due to some unexpected weight loss. The only real issue was with the fabric. Just a few sprinkles of water while washing your hands would leave a permanent stain on the dress which was a little unfortunate while walking down the aisle. All in all it's a pretty dress at an affordable price. "
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    Megan Durham
    Color: Atlantic
    Reviewed On: October 15, 2013
    "This was truly the most uncomfortable dress I have ever worn. In general, the dress seemed very cheap and the material was thin and did not have any stretch to it. For me, this meant that it was extremely tight around my waist and because there was boning in the top, if I lifted my arms both of my breasts were nearly exposed because the fabric did not move with my body. All six of our bridesmaids were very uncomfortable for similar reasons and of 6 of us, 3 of the dresses ripped down the side before the ceremony, after only wearing them for about 10 minutes. We followed the sizing instructions on the website and each ordered our typical dress size according to the charts/measurements. The problem was more with the lack of quality and the type of material than the sizing."
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    Desiree Rodriguez
    Color: Sahara
    Reviewed On: October 08, 2013
    "Three if the six bridesmaids dresses came undone at the seem two hours before the wedding. I spent the day sewing the dresses back together. Very poorly made."
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    Color: Moonstone
    Reviewed On: August 22, 2012
    "They are wonderful! They came in exactly on time so I didn't have to stress about it. They are very nicely made, and I liked that they came in seperate bags in the mail, so they were not extremely wrinkled and I could give them to my bridesmaids looking really nice.

    My bridesmaids did have to have them altered (not surprisingly) because for all of the them the waist was too big. The dress seems to fit really well in the hips and bust (although some of them took these in as well), but the waist gaped at the back. A pretty easy fix all-in-all. We are happy with the dresses and I was happy with the customer service! Great experience!"