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Flower Girl Dresses

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How to Dress Your Flower Girl

Having a flower girl adds an element of sweetness to your wedding. Seeing a child in a frothy dress walk down the aisle keeps things youthful and fun. Dressing your flower girl shouldn't be a chore — make it like the rest of your bridal party and get the little darling involved with the dress selection process.


First consider your flower girl's age. You want to choose a dress that is age appropriate. You're most likely close friends with her mother, so speak with mom and find out which colors and styles your flower girl gravitates toward and feels most comfortable in. If she's old enough, ask the flower girl what she likes and go from there.


Choose a dress that's style is complimentary to the rest of your bridal party look. Match the color, fabric, or designer to create a sense of uniformity. White is a popular color for flower girl dresses, but any shade that matches with your wedding theme will work. Do you envision a tutu-like skirt or pretty bow at the waist? Go for it!


Don't forget to accessorize! Flower crown? Basket with rose petals? Ballet slippers? A headpiece? Have fun when dressing your flower girl.