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Little White Dresses for the Bride

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Watters Pepper LWD
Theia Kendahl
Kirribilla Cecile LWD
Watters Iris LWD
Watters Freesia LWD
Watters Posey LWD
Watters Heather LWD
Watters Hibiscus LWD
Watters Fern LWD
Watters Tikka LWD
Watters Camellia LWD
Watters Hazel LWD
Watters Licorice LWD
Kirribilla Zoe LWD
Watters Peony LWD
Watters Cacao LWD
Watters Honeysuckle LWD
Watters Coriander LWD
Theia Emily
Watters Lilac LWD
Kirribilla Fiore LWD
Kirribilla Blythe LWD
Watters Ginger LWD
Kirribilla Gemma LWD
Theia 880631
Kirribilla Harper LWD
Watters Gardenia LWD
Theia 880613
Kirribilla Lucy LWD
Watters Hydrangea LWD
Theia Alyssa
Theia Andrea
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When to Wear a Little White Dresses

While your big day definitely calls for the perfect white wedding dress, the journey leading up to your date is jam-packed with events and celebrations where a dress is the appropriate attire. One way to stand out and let your friends and family know you're the bride is to wear a little white dress (LWD) to these important functions.

Engagement Party

Choose a dress that matches your type of engagement party. If it's an informal affair at your favorite Mexican joint, sport a laid back LWD (like Watters Ginger or Fern) with flat booties or sandals. If it's a more formal party, select a party frock (like Kirribilla Harper or Dahlia) with ruffles, frills and stilettos.

Bridal Shower

Since your mom, grandma, and older female family members will be in attendance, wear an LWD that has a more conservative or sweet style. Think cap sleeves, bows, and floral details. Kirribilla Celeste, Watters Hyacinth, and Donna Morgan Eloise are excellent options.

Rehearsal Dinner

The night before your wedding calls for a chic LWD that's flirty and fun. You don't want the rehearsal dinner dress to overshadow the actual wedding dress, so select a dress that is distinct and different from your wedding dress. Theia Jessica or Andrea and Kirribilla Blythe or Zoe are a few looks we think are perfect for a rehearsal dinner.


Chances are you'll be enjoying a dinner or two out with your new husband, why not wear a va-va-voom LWD that has heads turning? We recommend that you pack Watters Iris and Donna Morgan Sophia — both of this dresses are sexy, but chic.