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    Victoria Berkey
    Color: Ginger
    Reviewed On: December 09, 2014
    "The dress looked good, though I am going to be honest...I was extremely disappointed in the material vs the price of the dress. Straight up polyester liner and polyester shell for $249? Seriously, highway robbery.

    The particular dress I ordered, I was instructed to measure my waist and bust, but unfortunately, the tightest part of the dress is at the bottom of my rib cage a couple inches above my waist, not my waist. It fit everywhere except here, in fact I got stuck in the dress when trying it on..the zipper got stuck and I had to have my neighbor come over to help with the zipper. When we got me zipped in I had to bend over to grab something from my dog and the zipper completely broke. On top of the overpriced dress, I had to shell out another $65 to have the zipper replaced and the alteration for the super snug fit. I also had to have it hemmed a smidge as I am only 5' 3", which I was totally expecting to have to do. I try to order/buy petite dresses when available to avoid dress alterations.

    Now, the dress itself looked great on me. I'm just not a fan of POLYESTER AT ALL. I personally chose this dress because being short and small chested, strapless and long dresses are not for me. I have about 5 halter dress all ready so this one was age appropriate (42), just sexy enough, sophisticated and I love COWEL NECKS. "
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    Laurel Leamom
    Color: Shamrock
    Reviewed On: June 29, 2014
    "Super comfy, a little shorter than I thought. But overall, I think I like it!"