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    Sammy Sonju
    Color: Celadon
    Reviewed On: April 21, 2014
    "The quality of this dress is extremely poor especially for the price. The outer fabric was a sheer polyester and the lining was slightly opaque polyester. First thing I noticed when I put it on was that there was a seem allowance for altering on the outer layer and lining, they did not line up and looked just horrible. The allowance on the lining would've been invisible if it were not sewn inside out, and because of the gathered waistline, there was really no need for an allowance on the outer layer, it should've been a French seem instead. The worst thing about the dress was the hem: had to have been at least two inches longer on the left side and the seem on the back was so poorly done that it pulled up and floated away from my legs which looked very strange. I was forced to invest a great deal in alterations to make it acceptable to wear in public. More than the cost of the dress. The zipper was also sewn too close to the seam which made it impossible to zip, had to have that fixed as well. I would never recommend weddington way to anyone, in fact I will go out of my way to warn every bride I know to avoid this website!"
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    Cristen Ciresi
    Color: Persian plum
    Reviewed On: December 19, 2013
    "I ordered a size 2 but in hindsight should have ordered a 0"