Alfred Angelo 7196
Bridesmaid Dress

Fabric Chiffon
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Product Info

This tea length bridesmaid dress by Alfred Angelo has an empire cut in a beautiful chiffon. Style 7196 features a sweetheart neckline, and comes in a full size range (0-30W) including plus sizes, with an extra length option. Optional spaghetti straps are included for versatility.

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    Becca Brewer
    Color: Mediterranean blue
    Reviewed On: September 08, 2014
    "Before buying, I actually decided to go to a local showroom to try on several dresses from the Alfred Angelo line before making my choice.

    So stoked I did for three big reasons.

    1) I was leaning towards another dress completely, but it did not look good on my body type.
    2) The weddington way site calculated a size 12 for me, but in truth, the 10 was a much better call. I would've been swimming in a 12, and the alterations would've been way more complicated.
    3) This dress, although not my instinct, was perfect for the lines of my body.

    This dress (after the alterations) was comfortable for most of the night. It lasted through the ceremony, the dinner, my best man toast, and 4 hours of hard dancing (I don't mess around). No boobs popping out, and very minimal pulling up on the top of the dress (both concerns with strapless dresses).

    The best part is this dress photographs like a dream. The blue the groom chose was deep and rich (and you couldn't really see the wrinkles that I didn't iron out after it was shipped to me). I looked awesome, and felt awesome in the dress."
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    Jess Doma
    Color: Petunia
    Reviewed On: August 11, 2014
    " It fit like a glove though. I liked how it wrapped around my whole body and not just my chest. "
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    Kristin Adams
    Color: Jade
    Reviewed On: August 11, 2014
    "It fit really well in the waist and overal pretty nice fit. I could have taken the bust in slightly, but it was nice enough that I didn't bother."
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    Gabriella Cowan
    Color: Jade
    Reviewed On: August 09, 2014
    "I absolutely loved the dress and will definitely wear it again! I had to get it slightly altered, but it was very comfortable the whole day/night. "
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    Ashley Farris
    Color: Tea rose
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "Loved it all. "
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    Mary Rose Smith
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "This is a pic of all the bridesmaid dresses. My daughter was the bride and my other daughter is actually who we ordered this dress for. It fit her perfectly, but another bridesmaid could not zip her size six, so they traded. Both size 6 dressed fit my daughter perfectly. She is to the left of the bride - switched with the girl to the right of the bride."
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    Carla Dombrowski
    Color: Fuchsia
    Reviewed On: July 22, 2014
    "Loved this great, great handkerchief hemline. "
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    Robyn Haley
    Color: Petunia
    Reviewed On: March 20, 2014
    "This dress is so light and cool! I added a strip of fabric over the shoulder, just because I prefer straps, but it made me feel like one of the girls in Celtic Women! These were the perfect dresses to make my sister's wedding as beautiful as she'd always dreamed!"
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    Rebecca Price
    Color: Coral
    Reviewed On: November 07, 2013
    "Too small in the waist, too large in the bust awful material. "