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Alfred Sung D498
Bridesmaid Dress

Fabric Peau De Soie
9 reviews

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Style D498 is a sweetheart, cocktail length, bridesmaid dress by Alfred Sung. Made in a gorgeous peau de soie, it features a pleated surplice bodice and a matching belt and flower detail at the natural waist. Pockets are included at the side seams of the full pleated skirt. Alfred Sung's Style D498 comes in sizes 00-30W with an extra length option. Also available full length as style d493.

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    Lindsay Kennedy
    Color: Twirl
    Reviewed On: May 03, 2015
    "This dress looks great and was easy to wear and fun to dance in. However, any size over probably 6 or 8 is very oddly proportioned, there isn't really a waist and the bodice isn't sized for someone with a fuller figure. The pockets add a ton of extra width and to anyone with hips, it isn't good width. I had to have the pockets taken out and added to the side seams to make it fit right. But it looks great in pictures, so I guess that's all that matters!"
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    Leah Goddard
    Color: Appletini
    Reviewed On: December 30, 2014
    "My Bridesmaids all purchased different styles of dresses for my wedding but stuck to the same fabric and color so that each one could chose a dress that they were comfortable wearing. This fabric is not stretchy what so ever and has little to no give so make sure that if you are between sizes order a size up! it is easier to make a dress smaller not larger. that being said I absolutely loved how the fabric had a faint sheen to it. The customer service was amazing as well they even called because one size of dress we chose didn't match up with one of the girls measurements we entered, and they wanted to confirm before they went ahead with the order. I was also able to order an extra yard of the fabric so that I could have matching sashes made for my flower girls. ( the extra fabric wasn't an option that was viewable online but was available when I called in) "
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    Amelia Kurtz
    Color: Ebony
    Reviewed On: August 15, 2014
    "The dress was too big and I had to have it taken in quite a bit. I'm not a size 8 normally, but I followed the web instructions to go off of your largest size on the sizing chart. Based on hip size I went with a larger dress size, when in reality since the dress isn't snug on the hips, I should have just ignored that size and gone with the chest/waist size along. The dresses looked great in wedding photos though. "
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    Stacy Costello
    Color: Ebony
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "I attached a photo of all of the bridesmaids - as you can see, we had girls
    of all shapes and sizes (tall, short, thin, curvy, busty, flat, etc.) - and
    we all LOVED the dress. It was comfortable, had a wide enough waist band
    to help it "stay up", was light weight, and I can't emphasize how much I
    loved having pockets!

    As for the size... I think the weddington way size chart would have put me
    in an 8 or a 10 in this dress - I ordered a 6 and it fit perfectly. I
    would suggest going into a bridal shop and trying on the style, or at least
    a similar style by the dress designer. I tried on an 8 in the store, and
    it was obviously too big, which helped me order the perfect 6.

    Also - if you're short, you'll probably need the dress shortened. I'm
    relatively tall, and the dress hit just above the knee. Still classy while
    not making legs look short."
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    Ashley Mostek
    Color: Ebony
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "I had to alter the size 26
    by 2 sizes so the picture is not a true picture of an actual size 26, but
    you get the idea. Very pretty!"
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    Tina Taliercio
    Color: Cerise
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "I liked this dress a lot, and a big benefit to it was that it flattered everybody. However, most of us who ordered based on our measurements received dresses that were far too big. I typically wear a 2. When I submitted my measurements, the suggestion was a 6 (I figured, "well, better off if it's a little big, I guess"). Similarly, another bridesmaid who typically wears a 6 received a size 10. We decided not to wear the flower belt. "
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    Erin Murray
    Color: Ebony
    Reviewed On: June 03, 2014
    "Based on the measurements from a seamstress on my bust (34A), waist, and hips I conifidently ordered the size Ebony For reference I'm 5'3" and 115#. Unfortunately, the dress was WAY too large and my professional seamstress could not do any alterations on the dress to make the bust smaller (due to boning) or to remove the extreme amounts of fabric around the skirt. I ended up not being able to wear this dress at all, and instead ordered a dress that looks similar to this one in the Size 4 from a department store (headquartered in Seattle, starts with an N and ends with the letter M) that has much more liberal return policy than WWay. The other dress was the D538 - only difference was that it had 2 pleats in front instead of 4, no flower on the belt, and fit a heck of a lot better. I was able to have the bust area fitted, and I didn't need to remove any extra fabric from the skirt. Disappointing that I will have to take a financial loss, but WWay has sent me some bridesmaid resale sites where I can try to resell my unworn/unaltered dress. "
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    Hannah Goodson
    Color: Pine green
    Reviewed On: December 10, 2013
    "I went on a quick trip to try on a few Alfred Sungs to see how they fit. (Please ignore the socks) I ended up loving this one and I think I'll order in whichever shade of green the bride decides to go with.

    I hated the strings coming down from the flower but they could be easily removed and the flower in only safety pinned on so it could be removed as well.

    **NOTE the dress in the photo is a 12 and has been clamped in the back. All other Alfred Sungs fit nicely in a size 6."
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    Color: Twirl
    Reviewed On: August 16, 2012
    "I thought the fabric and color were really nice. I was able to press it without steam and it did not affect the material at all. I think the length was just a bit too long but I could have had it altered to look better on my height (5'6)."