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Dessy 2885

8 reviews
Bridesmaid Dress | Fabric: Lux Chiffon

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    Colleen Owen
    Color: African violet
    Reviewed On: January 07, 2016
    "I wore this dress at my best friends wedding in December in Texas. The dress is really well made. It's heavy without weighing you down, but light enough to be comfortable to wear throughout the day. I usually wear a size 10/12 in most dress sizes, but know that often bridesmaids dressed run a little small. Also, it's much easier to have a tailor take away, than add fabric. I had my dress taken in on the side as well as hemmed (I'm 5'5). I would recommend this dress to anyone. The empire waist is flattering for all body types, and it looked great in photographs. "
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    Bride - Katie
    Color: Burgundy
    Reviewed On: January 01, 2015
    "I'd love to share some photos of my bridesmaids in their BEAUTIFUL burgundy dresses. They were perfect and everyone kept commenting on how unique they were and how stunning the color was! "
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    Christal Jeanne
    Color: Midnight
    Reviewed On: December 08, 2014
    "I loved my bridesmaids dress! I was pregnant when I ordered it so I intentionally ordered one size bigger. Luckily it fit perfect except that I had to take in the bust size in a bit since it was only my stomach expanding. He he. Loved the feeling of the material and the style was just perfect. I recommended the website to my other friends because of how professional their services were! On time delivery and excellent customer service. I ordered all the way from Ghana! "
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    R Kumoji
    Color: Midnight
    Reviewed On: August 15, 2014
    "The fit was a bit loose since I went for a size bigger than I normally wear, but I preferred size 12 to 10. The length was extra long."
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    Jessica Grimes
    Color: Palomino
    Reviewed On: August 08, 2014
    "I felt like I
    had to make sure I stood up straight to avoid a fat roll where the
    shoulder-less side of the dress hit my chest."
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    Rachel Cushing
    Color: Rose
    Reviewed On: April 14, 2014
    "My best friend, the bride, picked the color (light pink) and fabric (chiffon) for our bridesmaid dresses (there were 5 of us) but then let us choose the actual dress. The were over 100 choices and we ran the gamut - long, short, strapless, one shoulder, v-neck, etc but the end effect (with a cranberry accent color in our necklaces and bouquets) was actually quite beautiful.

    My dress in particular - the one shoulder Dessy 2885 - was pretty great. It was flattering and the flutter sleeve gives it something that you don't normally see. Though, I had to get it altered (I'm bigger around the hips/thighs so I had to get a size to fit that area (I actually went up a size higher to be super safe) and then get the top taken in) which created a minor problem. Even though I went to a HIGHLY recommended (and expensive) tailor in Los Angeles, it took me going 5 times for them to even remotely be able to smooth out the area around the side zipper after taking the dress in. The tailor blamed the location of the zipper and the way the chiffon lays on the bottom layer of the dress for the slight bubbling it created over my hip. Luckily I am m own worst critic and no one else seemed to notice, but I'm not giving the dress 5 stars because I think the zipper being on the side (rather than the back) is problematic. Other than that, I got lots of compliments and the bride was very happy with the over all look!"
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    Stephanie Murray
    Color: Rose
    Reviewed On: February 25, 2014
    "Definitely take your measurement before ordering. I did and it for like a glove but the other bridesmaids did not and had to alter."
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    Sharon Teng
    Color: Shamrock
    Reviewed On: December 19, 2013
    "A beautiful dress! The color is the perfect emerald green, which is exactly what the bride wanted. (i'm a bridesmaid). The material and stitching is wonderful, its made very well. Happy with my dress and looking forward to showing it off. "