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Dove & Dahlia Lucy

11 reviews
Bridesmaid Dress | Fabric: Poly Chiffon
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Fit Notes for the Lucy

Size Bust Waist Hips
0 33.5" 26.25" 36.5"
2 34.5" 27.25" 37.5"
4 35.5" 28.25" 38.5"
6 36.5" 29.25" 39.5"
8 37.5" 30.5" 40.5"
10 38.5" 31.25" 41.5"
12 40" 32.75" 43"
14 41.5" 34.25" 44.5"
16 43" 35.75" 46"
18 45" 37.25" 48"
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What Did Other People Think?

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    Alissa Yaw
    Color: Blush
    Reviewed On: August 04, 2016
    "I really enjoyed this dress. I did have to get it altered because it was a bit too long and a bit too big to stay up, but the dress is of great quality. I would recomed it to anyone"
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    Shannon's Bridal Party
    Color: Rose
    Reviewed On: July 26, 2016
    "I loved that all my girls were able to pick out a dress they liked and that flattered each one."
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    Mary Diefenthaler
    Color: Mint
    Reviewed On: July 06, 2016
    "We all loved our dresses. Majority of us had to hem our dresses due to being short but other then that they fit great"
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    Mara Pickard
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: June 29, 2016
    "Loved the dress and how you could style it different ways. I chose to wore it with the straps around my neck. There was a lot of support built in the dress for supporting your boobs, however it also ended up smashing them to look flatter than they really are.
    The only real complaint I have is the zipper - it was a VERY poor zipper! It's not a dress you can zip up yourself so you have to have someone else help you, but because of the cheap zipper they end up too scared about breaking it or messing up the dress."
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    Nasha Jacques
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: May 31, 2016
    "The dress for perfect and even being a strapless stayed up no problem"
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    Clare Quirke
    Color: Mint
    Reviewed On: December 23, 2015
    "Great dress, luckily it could be worn multiple ways as there was a tan issue.
    Ordered from Australia, only took about 4 weeks to arrive and company was helpful when one dress went missing."
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    Nicole Harris
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: November 03, 2015
    "I liked that it had two clasps in the back, one tighter and one looser, to help adjust the fitting "
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    Rebecca Stoff
    Color: Mint
    Reviewed On: October 01, 2015
    "I did really like the dress, I’ve gotten bridesmaids dresses from other companies in the past that were poorly structured or not like the advertised photo, and this was not like that. The dress was well-built with support that helped it stay up and comfortable all night."
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    Ioana Grant
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: September 19, 2015
    "Bought this as an alternative to my other dress, Birdie. I would have liked to have worn this one but it was unavailable in a size 0. I was concerned it wouldn't fit me well as I am slim with pretty much zero boobs, and as I suspected it was a little too loose up top to wear. It was returned.

    There's some beading on the bodice which was just a bit weird and I wasn't into.

    It's a very pretty dress, I recommend it for someone who have a little more to show off up top."
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    Cailin Cruze
    Color: Blush
    Reviewed On: July 14, 2015
    "The sizing was great & the fit was so comfortable! I also loved the fact that it had pockets! The length was very appropriate & the fact that it was so versatile means I really can wear it again & again! "
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    Meredith Sheehan
    Color: Slate grey
    Reviewed On: July 07, 2015
    "The Pros:
    -Versatile options with straps
    -Sweetheart neckline/flowy bodice lets this work on many body types
    -Waistline beading detail adds just enough without being sparkly- it is the exact same shade as fabric, but can only be seen if wearing dress in halter or 1 shoulder style
    -Price is right - it's hard to find a b-maid dress under 200, with a sale, I paid $116

    The Cons:
    -Dress runs small (I went up 3 sizes to accommodate bust size- while it's big overall on me, it should be much bigger)
    -Color is lighter shade of grey in real life than depicted
    -Fabric isn't high quality (but price is great, so you get what you pay for I guess)
    -Fit isn't the most flattering - I wish the waist line hit closer to a natural waist (this hits slightly above at a wider part of my body making it less flattering. If wearing as strapless style, no beading on waist can be seen

    Bottom line: I wouldn't order this again, but with the right tailoring, it will work perfectly for a wedding. "