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Weddington Way Madison

12 reviews
Bridesmaid Dress | Fabric: Lace
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Fit Notes for the Madison

Size Bust Waist Hips
0 33.5" 26.25" 36.5"
2 34.5" 27.25" 37.5"
4 35.5" 28.25" 38.5"
6 36.5" 29.25" 39.5"
8 37.5" 30.5" 40.5"
10 38.5" 31.25" 41.5"
12 40" 32.75" 43"
14 41.5" 34.25" 44.5"
16 43" 35.75" 46"
18 45" 37.25" 48"
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    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: September 19, 2016
    "I did think it ran just a little big - I wore a size smaller than I typically do in dresses, but it's important to note that since it was a strapless I went with the tighter fit. I do not have any pictures back from the actual wedding day, but I have attached a very informal picture of me trying it on at home."
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    Bre Putman
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: July 23, 2016
    "I truly was relieved when the bridesmaids dresses arrived! From the soft fabric, to the size, and length of the dress, I was so pleased! Having ordered lace for the dresses I was concerned about the girls being uncomfortable in them but this particular dress is so soft. It's also secure at top so there was no pulling or tugging or slipping. We measured the girls and ordered according to the sizing chart. I would highly recommend doing that. It's perfect! "
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    Courtney Malnati
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: June 21, 2016
    "I really liked the dress, and I think the sizing was pretty normal. I usually size up and have bridesmaid dresses taken in just so I'm not stuck with it not fitting, but this one I could have just ordered my exact size. It was comfortable and great lengths (I'm 5'7"). I'd recommend it! "
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    Megan Allen
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: June 03, 2016
    "Fit true to size. The fabric was light and perfect for the late spring wedding I was just in. Pockets in the dress were a bonus for sure! Only thing I had to get altered was the bust - it had no shape to it at all. Would definitely recommend this dress and site to others, though! "
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    Jenna's Bridal Party
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: December 21, 2015
    "The bridesmaids dresses blew me away. I found the navy lace long sleeve originally and fell in LOVE! But then as my wedding morphed into something different (as all do I suppose!), I discovered that there were FIVE different styles of the same beautiful lace material. I asked each of my bridesmaids to choose which one they liked best for their body type. Each one LOVED their dress (which was what I wanted!) and are eager to wear them again. No one had to get them altered because they looked beautiful already! I couldn't be happier with the quality of these dresses and how Weddington Way truly did work with me to get everything in on time! I am so happy with the way these dresses looked on my girls! "
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    Lindsey's Bridal Party
    Color: Champagne
    Reviewed On: November 18, 2015
    "Weddington Way was the best experience. I wanted mix and match dresses. Weddington Way had a collection that was just what I wanted. My bridesmaid dresses were blush, champagne, and rose gold and the dresses were made out of multiple fabrics. I ordred sample swatches and immediately fell in love with them. My bridesmaids and flower girl all ordered their dresses from Weddington Way. They were perfect for the day."
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    Katherine's Bridal Party
    Color: Champagne
    Reviewed On: September 16, 2015
    "My bridesmaids loved their dresses and the pictures turned out great ."
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    Courtney Beuttel
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: July 31, 2015
    "This is a size 4 but had to have it taken in. I loved it! I did notice the lace around the top of the dress is coming apart from the layer underneath. Other than that it was great! "
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    Leah Seuffer
    Color: Plum
    Reviewed On: July 19, 2015
    "My girls liked the dresses but gave many tips for how to order them. They are shorter than they look in the picture. I would order the dress bigger so that it is not uncomfortably short.The material is stretchy and comfortable...however, if it is hot undergarments should be the spandex kind so it absorbs sweat. I thought the purple was a beautiful classy color. I was really happy with how they looked! "
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    Jen Kelley
    Color: Champagne
    Reviewed On: June 30, 2015
    "The dresses were beautiful! The scalloped lace didn't lay as flat as I would have preferred, but overall all the dresses were gorgeous. We added a gemstone belt and the dress was glamorous. "
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    Tanya Rutherford
    Color: Coral
    Reviewed On: June 24, 2015
    "The dress was lovely. I purchased the dress in Coral Kiss, which was a pretty shade of coral, bright and summery, but not too overpowering! The lace was beautiful as well! It was a true size 4, however the one issue I had, was the top of the bodice was a bit too tight right around my underarms, so it emphasized my "armpit bulge". It may not be a problem for others, but it hit me right in that special spot! I had a seamstress take down the inner bodice just a bit and reshaped it so it dropped a little lower and then I didn't have the bulge! She didn't need to alter the lace because it wasn't fully sewn to the body. I would recommend if you do that, ask the tailor to put in a little sheer stiffner behind the lace so it holds up on its own a little better (or try a liquid fabric stiffner, I used starch and ironed carefully, but didn't stay up as long as I would have liked!). The seamstress commented that the dress was made well! She said you never know when purchasing online, so that made me feel good about the purchase! Overall, beautiful! "
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    Stylist Sharlyn
    Color: Champagne
    Reviewed On: December 16, 2014
    "I loved this dress. Besides being a tad too big, I thought it was really flattering and I love how it emphasized my waist. I needed a slight alteration in the top and on the straps to make it perfect but really liked how it looked in photos"