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Weddington Way Ruby

4 reviews
Bridesmaid Dress | Fabric: Lace
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Fit Notes for the Ruby

Size Bust Waist Hips
0 33.5" 26.25" 36.5"
2 34.5" 27.25" 37.5"
4 35.5" 28.25" 38.5"
6 36.5" 29.25" 39.5"
8 37.5" 30.5" 40.5"
10 38.5" 31.25" 41.5"
12 40" 32.75" 43"
14 41.5" 34.25" 44.5"
16 43" 35.75" 46"
18 45" 37.25" 48"
20 47" 39.25" 50"
22 49" 41.25" 52"
24 51" 43.25" 54"
26 53" 45.25" 56"
28 55" 47.25" 58"
30 57" 49.25" 60"
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What Did Other People Think?

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    Alena Lerch
    Color: Cabernet
    Reviewed On: October 31, 2016
    "I loved the dress and it fit really well. The boning helped the dress stay up and there was rubber (not sure if that is the exact term) around the top to prevent it from falling. I have bigger hips and the dress for great. It was comfortable to wear for the entire day and I loved that it had pockets so I could keep things with me. The lace gathering in the front was very flattering."
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    Jaclyn Kinsman
    Color: Navy
    Reviewed On: October 29, 2016
    "This dress fit perfectly. Comfortable all the way around though I did get it hemmed about 2 inches because it was a bit long (slightly below knee). Has pockets and is super flattering!!!"
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    Lauren's Bridal Party
    Color: Plum
    Reviewed On: October 28, 2016
    "I was really happy with the way the dresses looked on all of my bridesmaids at the wedding! I chose Weddington Way for my bridesmaids dresses because after investigating a number of options, it covered all the criteria I was looking for. One of my biggest concerns was choosing dresses that my bridesmaids would like and that they would be able to wear again. I hate the thought of having to buy a dress and only wearing it once! Along those same lines, I wanted each bridesmaid to be able to choose a style that they thought was flattering. Weddington Way offers a ton of color, style, and fabric options. I ended up choosing the plum perfect color (which I thought looked great on my entire, ethnically diverse bridal party - literally we had all skin tones) and I let them choose any style in the lace, jersey, or chiffon fabrics. This was also great because the different fabrics come at different price points, which I thought were all fairly reasonable for the quality of the dresses, especially compared to other, more expensive brands. I knew that the dresses wouldn't be able to be altered to look flattering on everyone. All in all, I was very happy with how they turned out and hopefully all my bridesmaids can use the dresses for years to come!"
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    Stephanie's Bridal Party
    Color: Plum
    Reviewed On: September 17, 2016
    "I loved my bridesmaids dresses!!! I loved all the different styles to choose from and that each of my bridesmaids got to pick a dress the dress that best suited them. The color, plum, was beautiful and the lace fabric was gorgeous.
    So happy with the dresses! "